Essay about my trip to cape town

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Cape Town is one of the most visually spectacular and culturally unique cities I have ever visited. It’s the cornerstone of a South Africa trip and a city you’ll be raving about afterwards to everyone you meet.

As a travel influencer I fly a lot locally and a fair bit internationally too. In the past two months I’ve flown return twice between Joburg and Cape Town.

by Andy Higgs in Places, South Africa, Stay. One of the many great aspects of my trip to Cape Town earlier this year was the opportunity to stay in three very different areas and in three very different hotels.

Hotel Review – Romney Park, Cape Town, South Africa

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Travel Project to Cape Town One day, I will definitely be going to Cape Town in South Africa because this place seems so out of the ordinary.

Essay about my trip to cape town
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Cape Town, South Africa | An Instagram Photo Essay