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Humor and Stress

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Example of an Essay: Handling Stressful Situations

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Employees are experiencing high level of stress due to various factors such as high workload, tight deadlines, high targets, type of work, lack of job satisfaction, long working hours, pressure to perform, etc. Interpersonal conflicts at the workplace, such as boss-subordinate relationships and relationships with peers, are also a source of stress.

Stress In Work Environment Essay life altering for many and it puts the unemployed work at risk for physical and mental illness, marital strain, depression and possibly even suicide.

This stress is chronic until the transition to a new position is made. Excessive stress hinders your relationships at home, in school, and even at work.

It also reduces your liveliness and energy resources that could be used for enjoyment. We will write a custom essay sample on Informative Essay on Stress specifically for you.

Stress is a prevalent and costly problem in today’s workplace - Stress Management at the Work Place Essay introduction. About one-third of workers report high levels of stress.

About one-third of workers report high levels of stress. Stress at work is usually caused by the harassment and the discrimination of the boss or the managers. In this decade, the number of these fragments is increasing, especially the sexual harassments and the racial discriminations (Barling, Kelloway & Frone, ).

Essay about stress at work
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