Mba project about labour law

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Master in Labour Laws and Labour Welfare

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Labour Relations Foundations

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Employment Laws: Disability & Discrimination

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Contract Labour - Doc Download

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A project report on labour welfare (CIRM) is the responsiblefor enforcing the following labour Laws in the industries andestablishments for which the Central Government is the appropriateGovernment. Sample mba final year project Siddanna Balapgol.

Labour welfare Student. Our client greenfield project at Goa is looking for Corporate Legal - AGM for Goa location. Responsibilities: Administration and management of Concession Agreement signed between GGIAL and GoG, with appropriate compliance and responses. Guys go Gaga: The Feb.

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About us. About BCP Associates. She is proficient in handling vendor labour law compliance interventions besides possessing a strong ability to establish business processes. Aparna holds a MBA from Southern New Hampshire College, USA and a PG Diploma in International Business.

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Master of Business Administration (MBA), Project Management Degree Mba project about labour law
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A Complete Guide for Ignou MBA: MS Labour Laws