The facts about men and women in deborah tannens book you dont understand

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gender differences

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Male and female brains are the same, but people are all different – and that gives me hope

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While men and women have about the same average IQ (according to intelligence testing), men vary much more than women do. What that means is there are more men at each spectrum of intelligence than women (below average and above average).

Deborah Tannen

There are features that are more prevalent in the brains of women and features that are more prevalent in the brains of men.

You Just Don't Understand. 1 You Jus Don't UNDERSTAND By: Deborah Tannen, Ph.D.

Women and Men in Conversation Deborah Tannen.). on relationships, has been the focus of my career as a sociolinguist. In this book I listen to the voices of women and men.

Male Factor: The Unwritten Rules, Misperceptions, and Secret Beliefs of Men in the Workplace

I make sense of seemingly senseless misunderstandings that haunt our relationships. In You Just Don't Understand: Men and Women in Conversation, Deborah Tannen -- a professor of linguistics at Georgetown University -- addresses linguistic differences as they relate to intimate male/female a student of Robin Lakoff she had been introduced to Lakoff's research on gender and language.

Tannen had already written a book on conversational styles, in which she. Deborah Tannen s () book, "You Just Don t Understand," contains facts about men and women s communication styles.

Tannen says once these gender differences are sorted out, men and women can recognize and understand how to confront real conflicts, rather than fighting styles. "You Just Don't Understand" is a very readable book with plenty of examples and data to back it up. I found it to be amazingly accurate and it really has helped me communicate better with men.

I know that sounds so weird, but there really are differences in how many men and women use language/5().

The facts about men and women in deborah tannens book you dont understand
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